Embark on a refined experience at Aftermath NYC, where cocktails tell tales and curated craft beers match the ambiance set by our vinyl collection.

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Yo mamaguava — $16

Lalo tequila, chinola liqueur, spiced guava, vanilla, roasted pineapple and lime

zombies — $16

clarified punch, 10 to 1 white rum, ron colon 33/66 rumzcal, doctor bird’s pineapple rum, brovo lucky falernum, chinola passionfruit liquor, don’s mix, lemon, lime, oolong and bitters.

jack veneno — $15

roe and co irish whisky, empirical soka spirit, nixtail corn liqeuor, green apple, mint, lime cordial and rasberry tea. Topped with london essence bubbles.

The classics

espresso martini, margaritas, old fashioned, etc


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badman bonny — $15

yola mezcal, lalo tequila, giffard pineapple, beets, carrots and lime. Finished with house-made chile de árbol tincture.

Check the record - $16

Side A: condesa gin infused with mandarins, lo-fi vermouth and gentian amaro with bitters.

Side b: condesa gin infused with mandarins, lo-fi vermouth and gentian amaro with bitters and lemon.

jezebel - $14

community vodka, ume plum liquor, lemongrass and lime. Topped with cava bubbles.

mas flow — $14

An ever evolving tequila soda series featuring rotating ingredients.

lo - fi spaghett — $13

lo-fi aperitifs gentian amaro poured over the crispiest lager on tap. expressed with lemon.

NA options

Non - alcoholic beers

Good day “kölsch” and Good day “hazy ipa” - $7

talea “sour spritzy - $8

st. Agrestis na cocktails

phony negroni, mezcal negroni and amaro falso (available as a highball or sour) - $12

Draft beer

1. schlenkerla “erle”

Smoked schwarzbier utilizing adler wood smoked malts 4.2% - $10

2. Wayward lane “portmanteau”

London style porter 6% - $10

3. Jack’s abby “red tape”

munich style dunkel hopped with glacier hops 5% - $9

4. Hudson valley “alpenglow”

sour dipa Hopped with nelson and motueka. Conditioned on tangerine and white grape. Contains milk sugar 8% - $10

5. Root + branch “strike gently”

west coast style ipa 7% - $11

6. grimm “sumi ink”

Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla 13.5% - $12

7. Wild east x siberia “layover”

west coast style ipa brewed with chinook and mosaic hops. Dry hopped with motueka and nelson 7% - $10

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8. Oxbow ”regards for everyone”

seven grain farmhouse ale blended with vidal blanc grape juice 6.5% - $11

9. Root + branch “infiltrator”

new england style ipa hopped solely with freestyle nz nelson 6.5% - $11

10. Root + branch “les fleurs du mal”

Belgian style white ale brewed with orange peel and spices

11. Wild east “brodelo”

light lager brewed with malted corn and hopped with sladek hops 4% - $9

12. Decidusous “Wild Maine Blueberry”

sour ale conditioned on wild maine blueberries 6% - $10

13. Astiazaran “basque country”

wild fermented basque cider 6% - $10

Packaged beer


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Alchemist “focal banger” — $10

alchemist “heady topper” — $10

Ever grain “unleashed” IPA — $10

Lawson’s “fayston maple BA stout” — $28

Primitive beer “maybe i’m rong - plum” — $32

Southern grist “black currant pineapple strawberry hill” — $11

suarez “triangular nature” — $22

tilted barn “tate the great” — $10

timber ales “blended with lumber no. 2” — $13

trillium “DDH melcher street” — $12

weldwerks x parish “cryo fresh hop bayou juice” — $10

Christina “rose” rose (AUST) — $11/glass $45/bottle

Field recordings “skins” orange wine (CA) — $13/glass

gaspard “sauvignon blanc” white (FR) — $11/glass $45/bottle

Las jaras “glou glou” red blend (CA) — $15/glass $60/bottle